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Birthday Ball Room Romantic Dining

A Soulful way to say, "Te Amo Mucho!"

99% you will hear "Yo Yo Tambien Te Ammu!" with a Tight Hug

We bet that you have understood, what does,

  • "Te Amo Mucho & Yo Tambien Te Amo means, without even knowing Spanish! Haven't you?
  • "I Luv U" & "I luv U too" ignites the same feelings in each & every language.

Our Motto is to help you convey your feelings in a Professional yet Personalised way!

We love to design the best way possible to convey your feelings & create one such Perfect Memory for you to Relish and Cherish for the whole life.

Birthday ball room is a perfect private place to celebrate your birthday with your Friends, partner. Birthday wall is decorated using Silver Happy Birthday foil balloon, Champagne bottle balloon, Champagne glasses balloons, Golden & Red Metallic Star Balloons, Heart Foil balloons, Gold and silver Fringe Curtains, Flowers Shape Balloons.

The magic doesn't stop here. The Birthday table is decorated with extra-long tulle table runner highlighted with LED lights, flowers & Eucalyptus leaves. Foot tapping dance music is played in the background

Classic & Elegant: Birthday Ball Room

Does the idea of Room Full of Different balloons excites you? Well, it does Excites us!

Do you Love lying in each other's arms and enjoy Candlelight Dinner? We love it!

Do you Love looking into each other's Eyes? Well we love it!

Do you believe in random 💋 kisses? We love them.

If you believe in all above, then you are 100 % Romantic & this dinner is a perfect choice for you!

Add - Ons

Process of Customising a Dinner!

We believe in learning about your needs and we want to know how important this dinner date is for you and why? We want to make sure that we understand all your likes, dislikes, inclinations & your Expectations from us. After this we put our heart and soul into creating something divine & offer you a Wholesome Exceptional Experience. We need time of 7 – 14 days to curate such Bespoke Experiences!

Let's customize a romantic date for you!
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Bespoke Birthday Ball Room Romantic Experiences

Thoughtful Notes From Clients

" I wanted to celebrate the lockdown birthday and booked birthday ballroom for our short stay and birthday celebration and it was an awesome experience. Thankful to pakwaan for arranging this safely for us. "

- Ap Digital Solutions

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