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Peacock feathers & Bougainvillea Flowers Date

Dining Date Inspired by Nature!

Designer, Artistic Restaurant Dining Experience

Hey Free-Spirited Diner!

  • Do you love to see your dining table decorated with natural, unconventional and beautiful elements?
  • Do you like your lunch dates thrilling, chilling and close to Nature?
  • Do you believes in lavish Customised Private Celebrations?

This style offers Unconventional, Offbeat, and Excellent Date inside an Air-conditioned Restaurant.

This Designer date is Ecstatic!

Contemporary and Exotic

Enjoy a Romantic date inside a luxuriously designed Air-conditioned Restaurant on a beautiful table decorated with Peacock feathers and Bougainvillea flowers. The beautiful chair decorations complement the table.

The plush seating offers a beautiful view of Bougainvillea flowers tree which is timeless, is home to hundreds of Chirping birds and voices of Peacock coming from distance makes one fall in love with so much Nature. Romantic soulful music pieces, Side décor with Umbrellas and other Boho elements create a perfect photo opportunity.

Private Butler prepares delicious food & drinks as per your taste buds while you unwind, relax and create some memories.

Peacock & Bougainvillea Theme – Various Styles

01. Classic and Elegant : Peacock Date

Does the idea of Designer Dining excites you? Well, it does Excites us!

Do you Love holding hands? We love it!

If you believe in all above, then you are 100 % Romantic & this dinner is a perfect choice for you!

02. Premium : Peacock Date

Do you fancy a Photographic Dinner Date? We do!

Do you believe in Dreamy Romantic Setting? We do!

Do you believe in Customised Experiences? We do!

Do you believe in Creating Lifetime memories? We do!

If you resonate with above reasons, then this style is a perfect choice for two of you.

Add - Ons

Process of Customising a Dinner!

We believe in learning about your needs and we want to know how important this dinner date is for you and why? We want to make sure that we understand all your likes, dislikes, inclinations & your Expectations from us. After this we put our heart and soul into creating something divine & offer you a Wholesome Exceptional Experience. We need time of 7 – 14 days to curate such Bespoke Experiences!

Let's customize a romantic date for you!
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Bespoke Peacock feathers & Bougainvillea Flowers Date Experiences

Thoughtful Notes From Clients

" Peacock feathers and bougainvillea flowers candle light lunch with my partner was a romantic dining experience today at pakwaan . The decorations were beautiful and the food was flavourful, music pieces played were romantic and we love to the entire experience. "

- Megha Gupta

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