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Bohemian Cabana Candlelight
Dinner on Rooftop Garden

Avant – Garde Couture Dining!

A Beauty to Behold: Extravaganza Dining

Hey Sybaritic Couple!

  • Have you ever desired to wear a Showstopper Designer Dress and walk the ramp?
  • Do you ever dream of sailing on a Private luxury Yacht in your best dress with a glass of Wine?
  • Do you love to indulge in things which are Rare, Plush, and Luxurious?

If the Answer is "Yes" to all above, then you are at Right Place!

Bohemian Cabana Experience is for all you sybaritic people who love Plush & Upscale lifestyle


Bohemian Cabana Candlelight Dining is a "Showstopper" Dining Experience with a Private Garden decorated with Bohemian style décor Pieces like Teal Green, Golden & Blue trunks, Bird Cages, Hanging , Hand Crafted lanterns, Pink & White Roses , Exotic table decors, White Flower Chandelier, Glittery Golden & Rose Cushions . The Large space allows one to add lot of premium customizations to turn your simple occasion into a memorable event along with Personalised Photography & Videography.

Romance makes us come Alive! Isn't It?

Fully Customised Intimate Dining set ups help you express your feelings your way. Unique table arrangements, Customised balloon décor, personalised floral arrangements, Designer Candles, Private hand written messages, Warm Welcome on Red Carpet full of Rose Petals, Decorated Wooden Giant Proposal Heart, Moonlit Starry sky, Soulful Romantic Musical Notes, Flavourful Food & Drinks will make your evening stand out.

Bohemian Cabana Dining : Various Styles

01. Classy & Modern : Bohemian Cabana Candlelight Dining

Fully customised Intimate Dining Experience that tells your story

A dinner date that is Modern, Classy & Bohemian

Bespoke Intimate Dining Experience

A personalised dinner date that reflects your Style & Story

02. Exclusive & Upscale: Bohemian Cabana Candlelight Dining

Dining Experience that is Delicate and full of feelings

Dining Experience that is Romantic and Inviting

Dining Experience that is Soft and Bright

Dining experience that is Timeless and Magical

03. Suave & Ultra - Modern : Bohemian Cabana Candlelight Dining

A Fabulous way to create Everlasting Wonderful Memories

Perfect choice for a Die-hard romantics who love to indulge in Splendid Experiences

Dinner date arrangement that fills the two of you with happiness

Dinner that celebrates Festival of love, fine Dining, Fashion, Music, Boho Decor & Romance.

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