House Rules and Safety Policy

New Safety & Hygiene Measures ( Post Covid 19)

Your well being is our priority!

Video presentation on new measures taken for security and hygiene
video presentation on new food ,kitchen and restaurant safety .
Safety measures : Room , Kitchen , Restaurant & Staff
  • Room Hygiene Measures
    Detailed list of measures followed for safety and hygiene post corona

  • kitchen & Restaurant hygiene guidelines
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  • Compassionate team offering security & Comfort
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Room Hygiene Measures
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Room Hygiene Measures

Deep cleaning of rooms after departure of every guest, there is a gap of 24 hours between the rooms that can be allotted to another guest after the departure of the first guest.

During the stay of the guest we prefer That we do not enter your room at all & we supply towels & and fresh linen as per your request, Collection of trash from outside the room of the guest

Ability to open the room Windows for fresh air circulation in the rooms

Guest May travel with their own pillows and blankets for enhanced hygiene

Sanitizer available in room / Common Areas

Contactless hand sanitizer available at entrance gate of hotel

Face mask & gloves available on request

Contactless check in / check out

Electronic Bills and payment options available

Strong kitchen & Restaurant hygiene guidelines
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Strong kitchen & Restaurant hygiene guidelines

Strong focus on healthy nutrient based choices &tasty plant-based options of food

Experience freshly cooked Wholesome food

Immune boosting Beverage shots

Reduce the number of covers / tables for increased safety, comfort & value

More space to move freely and comfortably in our restaurants without having to worry about contact or squeezing past anyone

Online ordering of food through electronic menu without having to touch the physical menu

Online bill payments without involving the use of cash / card

Safe environment for staff & diners

Discard physical menu

Contactless ordering ,payment and feedback

Regular sanitizing, masks, gloves temperature monitoring for staff

Practice all Fssai standards

Social distancing maintained inside the kitchen & restaurant

Compassionate team offering security and Comfort
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Compassionate team offering security and Comfort

#We care we deliver

Focus on entire Guest journey and Thus ensure enhanced guest satisfaction

Focus on Unique and authentic travel experience

Our team treats guests with extreme caution

We ensure physical distance is maintained

Self-Express No touch check-ins

Self-baggagechecks in

Elevator rides limited to few people

Regular temperature checks, gloves, masks and compulsory frequent washing of hands of employees

Extremely strict hygiene Practises followed by trained staff

Very Limited people Allowed inside hotel

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